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Witch Hunts And Torture – Opinion

An article by Mary Zeiss Stange in today’s On Religion column in USA Today makes reference to the Malleus Maleficarum in its examination of Bush Administration torture policies. It makes for an interesting read. I’ve included a few paragraphs below, and a link to the article. “Viewed objectively, the original witch hunts shed significant light […]

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Printing Press

Printed Edition Quest Continues

I am still working on our printed edition of the Malleus Maleficarum, but I expect to be able to make it available within the next couple of months. We’ve faced a number of development issues, as well as difficulties in arranging financing for the project. I’m as committed as ever to the project, though, and […]

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Quotes From The Malleus

“But (and this is remarkable) when on the next day the other witch had at first been exposed to the very gentlest questions, being suspended hardly clear of the ground by her thumbs, after she had been set quite free, she disclosed the whole matter without the slightest discrepancy from what the other had told…” […]

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