70 Year Old Accused Witch Stoned To Death In Kenya

Burning BodyOne astonishing aspect of monitoring news sources for witchcraft-related attacks is reading apparently indifferent accounts of horrific events. This article from a Kenyan online newspaper is a perfect illustration, where the author doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by the fact that a 70 year old man was stoned to death in Kenya in 2014.

The sub-title read;

A 70 year old man was attacked and his body set ablaze by residents of Kiambere in Mbeere South on suspicion that he was practicing witchcraft.

The entire article follows;

OCPD Bernstein Shari said police have started investigating the matter and those involved in the death of the elderly man will be arrested and prosecuted.

Shari asked residents not to take law into their hands and instead involve the police by reporting suspects for proper interrogation.

The body of the deceased is still at the Mbeere Police Station.

Perhaps the only thing worse than being stoned to death and your body burned is to be stoned to death and your body burned, and then have your demise reported with little interest in local media. Ever human being deserves better than that.

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