Accused Of Witchcraft, Surat Woman Compelled for Divorce

Surat, IndiaA married woman from Piplod area of Surat, India, was accused of witchcraft and forced to leave her husband’s home. The husband and his in-laws also pressured the woman for a divorce.

The wife was sent to her parent’s home in Mahuva of Surat district in May 2014. The husband attempted to have divorce papers signed by the victim, and upon her refusal he would not take her back home. Following the refusal to take her back to home, the woman lodged a complaint in Mahuva police station.

Police booked Vinod Naika, his father Dhiru, mother Sudha and sister Lata, all residents of Piplod in Surat. The accused were booked for torturing the victim, suspecting her of practicing witchcraft. Vinod got married in 2005 with the victim and they had a son together. The relationship was reportedly normal until 2012. But from 2013, the Naika family started torturing the victim. They tortured the woman physically and mentally, she alleged in her complaint. The Naika family did not allow the woman to go to meet her parents, and her parents were not allowed to visit her home in Surat, as the Naikas alleged that her family also practiced witchcraft.

Registering the complaint police have started investigation in the case.

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