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With Beaten to Death in Libertad, Peru

Accused Witch Beaten to Death in La Libertad, Peru

A 68-year-old accused witch in the La Libertad region of Peru, Elesmira Zárate, was beaten to death by a group of citizen patrol members who call themselves “ronderos”.

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Woman Thrashed in Nepal for Witchcraft

Witchcraft And Women’s Rights In Nepal

Lahan, Nepal: As incidents of women facing inhuman treatment and torture on charges of witchcraft continues unabated across Nepal, a conference of women rights activists underscored the need for endorsing the country’s proposed anti-witchcraft bill at the earliest. The conference, which included women’s rights activists from five districts of the eastern region, was held in Lahan […]

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Kapiri Mposhi

Zambia Civil Servants Flee Village for Fear of Witchcraft

In Zambia, civil servants flee village for fear of witchcraft in the chiefdom of Chief Mukubwe in Kapiri Mposhi. The civil servants included people from the Ministries of Education, Health and Agriculture, who began abandoning their offices and fleeing the area last week along with their families. Kapiri Mposhi District Commission, Beatrice Sikazwe confirmed the […]

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Kepari Leniata

World Condemns Murders As Papua New Guinea Seeks Answers

An article posted to the Islands Business web site is worth a look. Islands Business International is a multimedia publishing company based in Suva, Fiji, and is the premier publishing group in the Pacific Islands region. Fiji is justly concerned that a fellow member country of the Pacific Islands Forum has a problem with people […]

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Twitter Round button

Malleus Maleficarum Joins Twitter

After much consideration, we decided to go ahead and create a Twitter account. There are a lot of good reasons for and against it, but in the end we decided to do it because so many articles are coming out of Africa right now detailing attack after attack upon people suspected of witchcraft. It is […]

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Welcome To The Machine

Long time visitors to the web site may have noticed our recent redesign. We were way overdue for a makeover and decided that the web site needed to be much friendlier to mobile devices, so we knocked out two birds with one stone. We’re proud of the new design. It’s painfully straightforward and simple. But […]

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Torches & Pitchforks

Misplaced Anger

It always surprises us when people vent their anger over the Malleus Maleficarum at those of us involved with this web site. It’s misplaced anger. We understand that the Malleus is a disturbing work and that there are a lot of people who are still irritated over the Inquisition and The Burning Times. But the […]

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Invectives Against the Sect of Waldensians

Rare Manuscript Unveiled at University of Alberta

A rare copy of the medieval manuscript Invectives Against the Sect of Waldensians, which, alongside the later published Malleus Maleficarum, detailed how to recognize, question, torture and burn witches, is possibly being resurrected at the University of Alberta. The originally miscatalogued book is one of only four copies in the world, with the other three housed in libraries […]

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Actor Virginia Wolf

Panic in Connecticut: Accused Witches Have Their Say

Between 1642 and 1693, at least 40 people in the colony of Connecticut were tried as witches. The historical record indicates that at least 10 of them were hanged. In 1647 the state hung a Windsor woman named Alse Young, who was the first accused witch executed in New England. Most of those who were […]

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Bing Malleus Search

The Courting of Bing

After our many recent problems with Google, we wound up launching the courting of Bing. I’d heard that Bing was getting its act together after a somewhat shaky start, and that a lot of the people who used Bing now swore by it. Since my primary business is helping clients build web sites and adapt to social […]

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