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Albinos in Tanzania Killed "Like Animals" So Their Body Parts Can Be Used In Witchcraft

Albinos in Tanzania Killed “Like Animals” So Their Body Parts Can Be Used In Witchcraft

People with albinism lack pigment in their skin and appear pale. In Tanzania, this condition makes them targets. They are killed “like animals” and their body parts are used in potions believed to bring wealth and luck.

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Skeletal remains were all that was left of Miss Ocampos following the ritual

Paraguayan Woman Tied to Stake, Beaten and Burned Alive

A Paraguayan woman, Adolfina Ocampos, 45, was lynched by members of an indigenous community in Paraguay this week. Officers said the woman was accused of witchcraft and was taken to a river and submerged under water. The mob then tied her to a pole and carried her to another site where they prepared a grave, […]

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Witch Doctor

Papua New Guinea’s Tragic Witch-Hunts

An excellent article by Dana MacLean on Papua New Guinea’s witch-hunts was published on October 21, 2014 in the Asia-Pacific current-affairs magazine, The Diplomat. It is a great read for anyone concerned with modern witch hunts and the plight of the accused in foreign countries.

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Kenyan Governor Bans Tanzanian Witchcraft

Kenyan Governor Bans Tanzanian Witchcraft

A Kenyan governor, John Mruttu, has banned foreign witch doctors from operating in Taita Taveta County, authorities have said. Mruttu has also warned that locals who will be found harbouring them will be arrested and prosecuted.

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Surat, India

Accused Of Witchcraft, Surat Woman Compelled for Divorce

A married woman from Piplod area of Surat, India, was accused of witchcraft and forced to leave her husband’s home. The husband and his in-laws also pressured the woman for a divorce. The wife was sent to her parent’s home in Mahuva of Surat district in May 2014. The husband attempted to have divorce papers […]

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Witch Caught 3

Woman Stuck In Drain Accused of Being a Flying Witch

In the “you can’t make this up” category, a young woman was rescued from a gutter around Abalti Barracks in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday morning, and accused of being a witch for being in the gutter.

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Burning Body

70 Year Old Accused Witch Stoned To Death In Kenya

A 70 year old man was attacked and his body set ablaze by residents of Kiambere in Mbeere South on suspicion that he was practicing witchcraft.

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Kabende Village

Mob Kills, Buries A Man Accused Of Witchcraft

A seventy-two-year-old man, Muchinga Kabali, was killed in Kabende Village in Chief Kasoma Bangweulu in Samfya, Zambia. Mr. Kabali was killed and buried by a mob that suspected him of practising witchcraft.

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Chhatiisgarhi Dance

Woman Branded Witch, Killed In Chhattisgarh, India

A woman was killed in India on suspicion of being a ‘tonhi’ – a woman involved in witchcraft practices – in Uparwara village of Naya Raipur on Wednesday. Local police arrested four people, all who were the woman’s immediate relatives.

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Golbazar, Nepal

Woman Beaten For Witchcraft In Nepal

A gang of three men in Asanpur, Golbazar ruthlessly beat a woman whom they accused of practicing witchcraft. Subardevi Yadav, the victim, was severely beaten up at her own house on Monday.

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