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User Essays / Rants

This is where we put the interesting posts that don’t fit under General Comments. We consider a comment to be something that refers to the Malleus Maleficarum itself, or its place in history, or the specifics of this web site. An essay or a rant is something that meanders a bit, offering up, for example, […]

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Loud Talker

General Comments

While we’ve made it possible for users to post comments on individual pages, we’d appreciate it if general comments were made here. If you make an inappropriate comment on an individual page, we’ll most likely move it here instead of approving it where you originally posted it. Our idea of an inappropriate comment would be […]

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Please note that we at the Malleus Maleficarum online project are not scholars or experts on the subject. We have not attempted to present this work as a dissertation on the Malleus itself, nor on societal norms of its time. We have simply attempted to make available an important work that was previously not found […]

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