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Construction - Hold up, Holmes!

Web Site Upgrade Coming Soon

I should probably warn everybody that I’m about to upgrade the look of the Malleus Maleficarum web site. Generally speaking, the idea is to improve the functionality of the web site. What you’ll immediately notice is that most of the stuff you’re looking for will now be more easily accessible from the main menu bar […]

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We’re Moving! Possible Site Downtime

We’re moving to a new server as part of the Windhaven Network migration. While we don’t expect any major interruptions, there are always unforeseen problems when you’re dealing with new servers. If you do notice any downtime at all, please keep in mind that it will only be temporary. We’re expecting a few hiccups, but […]

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Absinthe Drinker

The Web Store Is Coming Down

I’ve decided to pull down the web store on the Malleus Maleficarum web site. It’s just too much work, and it’s not bringing in the results we expected. For some reason the people who bought so many books through our affiliate links aren’t interested in buying those same books directly from us. So… why […]

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National Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. For that day, the Malleus Maleficarum will be converted to Pirate speak. So don’t be surprised if you go there and find that the entire text of this diabolical work suddenly has been invested with an extra swagger that it didn’t have before. Hopefully we won’t […]

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Goya Inquisition

A New Store And A New Decade

You may have noticed that we added a store to the Malleus Maleficarum Online web site. This was done only after long deliberation. We’ve never wanted to be seen as capitalizing on our work here (although quite a few others have had no qualms about selling our work for themselves). The unpleasant reality, however, is […]

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Malicious Code

We’re aware of the injection of malicious code into our pages, and hope our users realize that we’re actively fighting it. At the moment, this is almost a daily routine with us. This web site, as well as my personal web site, are the targets of repeated attacks, apparently exploiting a hole in the security […]

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Phoenix by Boris Vallejo

Risen From The Ashes

You may have noticed that the Malleus Maleficarum has risen from the ashes. We’ve tentatively put our files back on the server, gambling that the issues that faced us in the last few months with the root access server hacks have finally been corrected by our host provider.

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This Site Will NOT Harm Your Computer

You may have noticed while doing Google searches pertaining to the Malleus that Google has flagged our domain with the warning; “This site may harm your computer.” Well, that’s just not true, so you can stop worrying about it. What happened was that someone found an exploit in a WordPress theme that we were using […]

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In Case of Zombies

Malicious Code Removed

We’ve tracked down and removed the malicious code that some loser managed to slip into our main WordPress files. The loser in question found a way to insert an iframe tag that linked to something that was posted at If you got a virus from our web site, it was through this malicious code. […]

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Web Site Hacks

I wanted to post an apology to everyone who has found the web site difficult to use of late. We fell victim to a server-wide hack that completely removed our installation. Obviously, we were able to restore functionality, but things have been moving a bit slower than usual. We’re working on the problem and hope […]

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