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Family Banished In Witchcraft Storm

UGANDA – Mr Benon Alyao, 73, sits on a plastic chair at Lira Central Police Station with a plaster on his head. Two other middle-aged men sit next to him. In their company is an elderly woman. The four look pensive and disillusioned. They have been left homeless after being banished from a place they called home since they were born for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

The four, together with others, were arrested as suspects in a murder case. Gunshots were fired at Mr Alyao’s home and a person killed. He, together with his children, Nelson Aporo, 42, Patrick Ocero, 39 and wife Josephine Akello, were then picked by police. Police later learnt that the bullets were allegedly intended to finish the old man but accidentally killed one of the assailants.

Residents of Ewop ‘A’ Village in Abwocolil Parish, Amac Sub-county, Lira District are complaining that Mr Alyao’s family is at the forefront of witchcraft that has claimed a number of souls.

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