El Malleus Maleficarum en Español, Vol 2 (PDF)


Este es el archivo PDF original volumen dos de dos, que hemos hecho disponibles durante tantos años. Es un simple PDF y no tiene la subestructura Nota intrincados o interactividad del e-Pub y las versiones del Kindle.

This is the original PDF file which we've made available for so many years. It is a simple PDF, and does not have the intricate note sub-structure or interactivity of the e-Pub and Kindle versions. But almost 24,000 people have downloaded it from our Scribd posting alone. How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

This is the English popular translation by Rev. Montague Summers, first published in 1928; the same text which is published in its entirety on the Malleus Maleficarum web site.


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This item is provided as a free download for users of the Malleus Maleficarum web site. If you have trouble downloading the file via the “Download” button, try right-clicking over the “Download” button and selecting “Save Link As…”. Mac users perform “ctrl + Click” and select “download linked file”.

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