Surat, India – Widow Branded As A Witch, Beaten

Witch BrandedSURAT, INDIA: A 39-year-old widow was allegedly beaten by her in-laws, who branded her as a witch in Bhinar village of Vansada taluka in Navsari district, India. The woman was branded a witch because her sister-in-law’s husband suffered from diabetes and her husband died after prolonged illness in early 2012.

The victim, a tribal woman, was admitted to a Vansada hospital for treatment. She suffered severe injuries on face and other body parts after being assaulted by three family members. Police booked her mother-in-law, Champa Patel, sister-in-law, Java and her husband, Gunvant Patel. The mother of three was punched and beaten with sticks by the accused.

The accused have reportedly fled from the house after the complaint as police had to return empty-handed on Sunday.

“The victim stated in her compliant that she was branded as witch by the accused. The accused blamed the victim for death of her husband Narendra and they were now blaming her for illness for Gunvant,” said Devabhai Dahwad, head constable and investigation officer at Unai police station.

During the last few weeks, Gunvant was not keeping in good health and he was suffering from various problems due to diabetes.

“Gunvant is suffering from diabetes for which the victim was blamed. We are in search of the accused and they will be arrested. We searched for the accused at their residence but they have fled from there,” said police.

The woman and her family are farmers. The victim was married to Narendra in 1996 and was living together with the family since then.

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