Three Kaloleni Elders Killed Over Witchcraft

Police in Kaloleni, Kenya have launched a manhunt for a gang of men who are believed to have cause three Kaloleni Elders killed over witchcraft in the small African village. The three men, ages ranging between 60 and 65, were hacked to death with machetes after being accused of practicing witchcraft. Kaloleni DC Fredrick Ayieko described the gang as “professional killers” who are still at large.

“We believe there is a gang which is hired to carry the killings because not anyone can just go out and start executing people. We are looking for them to ensure the trend stops immediately,” Ayieko said .

He condemned the killings, saying the region is ripe with witchcraft beliefs which has seen eleven people killed in Kaloleni in the last six months alone over suspected witchcraft practices.

“There is this belief that someone has bewitched their daughters to become barren, families become poor or sick. This trend is rampant in the northern part of the coast with witchcraft being linked to old aged people in the society,” said Ayieko.

He warned members of the public to stop killing or taking any measures on their own and instead report for a proper judicial procedure on any suspected person in the community. Ayieko also called on the local community to seek professional medical attention when their family members fall sick and stop blaming ailments upon witchcraft.

Ayieko urged members of public to report any plans or information they come across concerning the killings and advised Kaya elders to help in addressing the issue to end the trend.

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  1. catherine July 21, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Looks like the virus of killing and blaming witches has spread.

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