ZAMBIA: Two Elderly People Killed on Witchcraft Suspicion

Elderly CouplePETAUKE, ZAMBIA – Two elderly people have been axed to death in the Eastern Province of Zambia on suspicion of practicing witchcraft.

Police Public Relations Officer Ms. Elizabeth Kanjela announced that Phanele Lupiya aged 63 of Chakumanika Village in Petauke was axed to death by her nephew, Lovemore Mwanza, aged 30 of the same village.

“The victim sustained a deep cut on the leg and died on the spot. On the other hand Chakumanika Mwanza aged 89 was axed to death by his son Lemani Mwanza aged 23 of the above mentioned village. The deceased sustained a deep cut on the head and died on the spot. Both bodies are lying in Petauke District Hospital Mortuary,” Kanjela said.

Both incidents happened on 30th March, 2013 around 05:00 hours at Chakumanika village, Chief Nyampande in Petauke District.

“One suspect, Lovemore, has been apprehended while the other one Lemani is on the run. We have lunched a manhunt and we request for information that might lead to his arrest from the members of the public.”


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