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We’re currently mid-stride of a full blown web site conversion of the text of The Malleus Maleficarum into an actual blog. We feel this will make the text of the site more uniform, allow comments on individual chapters (moderated, of course), and allow us more flexibility in the maintenance of the web site.

This conversion will take some time, but we’re working feverishly on it. If you’d like to check our progress, you can go our work directory [link removed], where you’ll see the latest editions. Once everything is in place, this blog system will replace the main pages of the web site and will be the first thing you see when visiting the site.

If you visit the work directory, don’t be confused. We’re adding each individual chapter as a blog post, and are simply posting them in sequence. When the final form is in place, we will have useable navigation links. Until then, we’re mostly concerned with the conversion.

In the meantime, the original files are still in place and can be accessed as they normally are.

We’re excited about these changes, for various reasons. But mostly we hope that they’ll bring the web site up to the current standards that our visitors seem to expect of a web site. Hopefully, you’ll approve of our efforts.

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