Woman Beaten For Witchcraft In Nepal

Golbazar, NepalSIRAHA, NEPAL: A gang of three men in Asanpur, Golbazar ruthlessly beat a woman whom they accused of practicing witchcraft. Subardevi Yadav, the victim, was severely beaten up at her own house on Monday.

According to local police, the attackers have been identified as locals Mahendra Yadav, Jugana Yadav and Badri Yadav. They also attacked the other family members of Subardevi.

Subardevi said the villagers have been accusing her of practicing witchcraft for a long time already.

“I have told them not to put baseless accusation on me,” she said.

According to Subardevi, she had even challenged the villagers to bring a ‘real witch-doctor’ to check if she was really a witch.

Subardevi is receiving medical treatment at Golbazar-based Shree Ram Hospital.

Police have already arrested assailants Mahendra and Badri. The third attacking, Jugana, is in hiding. Further investigations are underway, police said.

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