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Malleus Maleficarum : The Truth About Predatory Programming

I just read a very interesting article by Clyde Lewis on the Ground Zero Media, in which he references the Malleus Maleficarum and makes some interesting connections to it and discusses the truth about predatory programming. It’s worth the read, in respect to some of the societal shifts which seem to be in the news of late.

~ Wicasta

From Clyde Lewis;

Vampires have always been a matter of interest for me. There are many things that I know about the “real vampires” because I was completely immersed in the subject by accident when my uncle bought me a copy of “Creepy” magazine back in the 1970’s. I remember that one of the stories dealt with a beggar who was offered eternal life if he killed someone and drank their blood. He would kill and kill and was not able to partake of the unholy communion. He just disappeared and it was eventually revealed that the story was based on folklore of a hunchback that was maltreated at a flop house. He actually killed his victims near the White chapel district and rivaled that of another infamous killer Jack the Ripper.

While “The Ripper” ritualistically murdered his victims and while many speculate that they were ritualized in a Masonic way, a real satanic panic has begun with the arrival of the so called Zombie Apocalypse stories that have been reported in the news.
While the mainstream media is trying hard to convince the consensus that all of this new cannibal feasting is due to a designer drug called bath salts it is becoming a bit more apparent that we are seeing a new form of programming. We are seeing anew curse that is being employed by the darkest of agents wanting to force the public into fearing a plague or worse.

The occult is a convenient scapegoat when there seems to be nowhere else to go and no matter what you may think about the occult, there are dark forces that are easily summoned to attach a program or an entity that is so chaotic that it can manifest as a demon, when it is really a product of an induced dissociative disorder.

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