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This Site Will NOT Harm Your Computer

Malicious Code DefendersYou may have noticed while doing Google searches pertaining to the Malleus that Google has flagged our domain with the warning; “This site may harm your computer.” Well, that’s just not true, so you can stop worrying about it.

What happened was that someone found an exploit in a WordPress theme that we were using and was forcing an iFrame HTML snippet into our theme, which led to a known virus spreading web site. We immediately pounced upon the offending code when it came to our attention, and found it necessary to change our theme (which is why the web site has enjoyed a recent upgrade). Since we’ve changed themes, we’ve had no further problems with the malicious code.

Google, thus far, has been unimpressed. We’ve petitioned to have the warning removed from our listing, but have only been told be Google that they will “review the issue”, promising only that “it may take up to two weeks or more to process your request”. In the meantime, we’re flagged as having malicious code that we do not have, and this leading up into the new semester.

Rest assured that the malicious code which led Google to flag our domains has long since been removed. As well, we are checking our theme installation daily for suspicious changes. We are doing all we can to ensure that your visit to this web site is pleasurable, easy to navigate, and virus free. Hopefully Google will soon stop alarming our visitors and let us all be on our way.

Walk in light and peace.

– Wicasta Lovelace

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